maandag 27 oktober 2014


After Devils extreme race Bram stayed in Prague for a couple of days for a bit of slalom training. Meanwhile Axel finished his exams and hitchhiked to France for some surfing. Bram returned to Belgium, picked up two crazy beerpong pro's and headed to France where Bram and Axel rejoined and headed to the pyrenees for some kayaking.

After two good weeks in Spain and France we returned to Belgium for a couple of days before heading to Ötz, Austria. Here we would participate the Adidas Sickline extreme kayak world championships.

We arrived in Ötz 5 days before raceday. On arrival it was getting dark already and fired up from driving more than 10 hours and looking forward to kayaking we jumped in our kayak and had a few nice evening runs. These runs were our first on the Wellerbrücke course (ever!) and needless to say we didn't had the perfect lines that same evening.

The day after things were getting better, we were both finding the lines and everything went great! Tuesday morning we decided to go on the water separately so we could take some pictures. Axel went first and for some reason we were on the Wellerbrücke course before 9h. We were super stoked Axel could fire up Wellerbrücke without waiting and Bram could take some pictures. Axel went down the course real good until the new stopper at TNT. Here Axel decided to test the Exo - Six's freestyle capacity's. Turned out fine as Axel managed to get out pretty fast.

After 4 days we were ready for the race! Friday morning we had our mandatory run at 9 and our first race run somewhere around 10. First run went pretty good for Bram, Axel wasn't to happy because he didn't had his line on Championskiller.

Second run was better for both of us, but unfortunately just a bit to slow for the finals. Bram ended up 62th, 1.5 seconds to slow for the finals.. And Axel pulled of a 78th place.

The stoke is still high as we would never have thought we would race Sickline one year after buying our first creek boat. Participating Sickline was a goal on it's own and we are super happy to have reached this goal already! This Fires us up for going hard and BIG next year!!


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  1. The waters there look crazy! It must have been quite challenging to ride them. To come just 1.5 seconds short is an achievement in itself. What were your assessments on where to improve upon? Perhaps getting more runs down the river prior to the actual race would help improve your time. But yeah, you guys have come a long way in just a year! Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Marilyn Webb @ Spirit Paddle Sports