zaterdag 6 september 2014

Devils Extreme Race

Last weekend I (Bram) raced the Devils Extreme Race in Lipno Czech Republic. It was my first extreme kayak race, so it was a new (and awesome!) experience.

To begin with, the whole weekend was awesome! The qualification course was a 4min course with ‘Window’ in it. My race here went pretty good, lost some time at the end but it was still good as I finished 13th and the first 32 could go through to the ‘Headtohead’ system.

(Photo: Bram going on window section)

The ‘Headtohead’ was paddled on ‘The Stairs’ section. It’s a really cool section where you can paddle different lines and need to find the fastest one. I had to race against my bro Cole O’conner who had a pretty nice run, me on the other hand made some mistakes and came in after Cole. Couldn’t go trough to the next round so the individual race stopped here for me. But I was still stoked on the whole race and still pretty happy with my qualification run.

After my race I stayed to watch Mike Dawson take the win before Michal Buchtel and Sam Sutton.

(Photo: Ciaran Heurteau)

Sunday morning there was the teamrace on the full courselength. Which means we had to race +/- 14min and go down ‘Window’ , ‘Stairs’ And ‘Bloody hands’. I teamed up with 2 dutchies Martijn Van Tuijl and Robin Knuivers. We had a decent race, didn’t make any mistakes and came in third.

 (Teamrace with Bram Peeters, Robin Knuivers and Martijn Van Tuijl)

See you next year Devils Extreme Race!!

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