maandag 9 juni 2014

Entry Short Film of the Year Awards 2014

Some of you may already have noticed that we participate in the Short Film of the Year Awards 2014. So let us explain a few things...

What is this? Well euh it's a competition for the best kayak video of 2014, everybody can send multiple entries. The best six will be chosen to compete in the final based 50% on the judgement of a jury (kayaksession magazine) and 50% on the views of the video.

Why do we need your help!? Because 50% of our result is based on the total amount of views, so we need as many views as possible and that's were you can contribute in our succes!

The video is of our trip during the Springtime in the Pyrenees past april, we tried to show not only kayak but also the things around it. Good times with friends, lovely places and beautiful surroundings, nice weather and ofcourse positive vibrations.

In short check it out and help us a little!

Give thanks....



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