maandag 20 mei 2013

First race of the Belgian season

A couple of weeks ago the first race of the Belgian season took place in 'Liège' -the only 'slalomcourse' we have in our little country- it's one of the three competitions we have in Belgium. Normally there are not a lot of participants to join us on the Ourthe but this year we were surprised how many showed up.

As it was a week after our selections in Goumois we were still in good shape and fired up to give it all! We must not forget to tell that in Belgium you can practice the racecourse a few hours before the start -what's not allowed in international competitions- but with the tought of gaining experience in every race we enter, we decided to 'trace' the course on the shore. Tracing is like studying the course and every movement you're going to make with your body and boat, but not studying like you do for exams or things like that.

The course was very difficult for C2, not that we don't like challenges. But sometimes it's a bit to far over the line. After all we managed to do well and at the end we came in first!  Meaning that we are one step closer to win the Belgian cup for this season. Talking about this cup, we did win it last year but more from that below...

Apart from the C2 we decided to race also in the K1 category, no worries we are not planning a comeback. Just something we like the do now and then as a reminder of the 'good old days'.

So about that Belgian cup, which is a ranking of the three competitions in Belgium awarded each first race of the year. We received this cup for our overall win in 2012 in the C2 category. It's our first win and we hope a lot more will come in the future!

What we been up to the last weeks? After Liège we continued training for the ICF world ranking in Ivrea. Beside that we are still editing our video which is not easy because there is not a lot of time when you train hard... Oh yeah there is also some schoolwork.

We will keep you informed about...euh everything, especially our video. So stay tuned and see ya!

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