vrijdag 26 april 2013

Past weeks...busy weeks

How did our selections go? That question will be answered in this post. So we recommend you to read the whole article...

But first of all we do like to talk to you about our trainingcamp in Pau. A french city close to the mighty 'Pirineos' and the atlantic ocean, ... some call it paradise. We combined slalom training with some creeking, but because of the long during winter in Europe there wasn't much water on the rivers in the mountains. Still we managed to paddle 'Le gave de Brousset' in France and 'Rio Forcos' in Spain.
To reach the put in for the 'Rio Forcos' we had to drive 40 minutes on a small road to 'Bergau' which is a lovely little village and from there we had to hike with our boats for about 30 minutes but it was all worth it, what a beautiful river!

After this, we went to Anglet near the atlantic ocean to catch some waves, but the weather was terrible. After all we decided to give it a try and went into the water. We have to admit that learning how to surf in a storm is not the easiest way...

The week after that (so last weekend) we had our selection races in Goumois. It was really cold again like most of 2013. We managed to paddle well, just not enough to be selected for 2013. But we have made a lot of progression and reached a good level for paddling C2 only one year, so we are still on our schedule for Rio 2016!

Click here for a short video on the swiss news about the belgian selections at Goumois

What will come up next?
  • End of june: creeking in the alps
  • 13/07 - 14/07: Icf World ranking Ivrea
  • September: trainingcamp Augsburg
  • 2/11 - 3/11: Lee Vally, London
And for now, we will be in editing mode for our video... Dropping soon!

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