zondag 24 maart 2013

Busy P-eeters/sleebus

WOW it’s been 2 months since our last blogpost! We haven’t stopped kayaking though. Last two months were filled with a lot of regular training on our flatwater channel in Mechelen and in the gym.

We did have some other training sessions on Mava, one of the 2 whitewater ‘courses’ with gates here in Belgium. Also went a couple of times to the second course, the dijle, a river with a few gates and even less current.

Some other, more boring, thing that took a lot of time was VTS (= Flemish Trainers School). Each and every Saturday (and some Fridays and Sundays) we needed to follow classes to become a kayak initiator. Wasn’t a lot of fun but hopefully it will pay of some day!

Last week Bram stayed in the Alps. Not for kayaking though, but for boarding! One week snowboarding in the beautiful Alps with awesome snow this year! Hotel was next to a river. The water level was to low for paddling, but even then the urge to paddle some class 4 and 5 rivers grew bigger and bigger!

Luckily we almost leave to Pau for a slalom training camp! We need some good whitewater for improving our C2 whitewater skills. Also the weather will be a lot better we hope. Here in Belgium it’s still only -2 / 5°C. We also take our creekers with us, so hopefully there will be water so we can HUCK!

Right now a last busy week with lot’s of schoolwork, some VTS classes and some preparing for our trip to Pau. But after that it’s going to be an awesome week with lots of whitewater, both in slalom as in creeker! 

Until next post, BITCHES!

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