maandag 4 februari 2013


I want to announce the end of our isolation!! Happy, stoked and lots of other emotions because we are finally permitted to move again! Right on time, I was actually fearful that my joints were rusting.

Ok I have to admit, we did run a lot (pretty sure we run faster, further and with more swag than Steven Pauwels right now) and we did paddle a couple of times. This prevented us from going insane as we predicted earlier in our blog.

The day after our last exam we immediately started our rehabilitation program by going to Li├Ęge for some slalom training on whitewater. It was suuuuper cold and windy that day but we were stoked to be back in action!

This week we also had the luck that the Belgian rivers had some water, so we were able to paddle the Hulle and the Vresse. Had really nice runs on these rivers, especially the Vresse was superb!

Yesterday was a bit of a bummer, went all the way to Germany wanting to run a pretty nice waterfall. But some or actually  A LOT of trees were blocking the river and it was way too dangerous to run it.  Instead we went hiking in some German forest.

After all a pretty epic week to start our 2013 kayak season!

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