zondag 23 maart 2014

Radio silence

What it's almost April?! And we didn't update this blog since...euh long, a very loooooong time. Our sincere apologies for that, we really do.

The past months flew by very fast, a lot of training combined with a substantial amount of... the word you are expecting is whitewater, but we have to disappoint you. It was school that kept us busy, a lot!
And then 6 weeks ago Bram hurt is shoulder, which he has been recovering from during the last month. Now he's back in the boat but one month of absence is not the ideal preparation as you can imagine, especially with the qualifications just around the corner.

However we are still motivated to compete at the qualification race in Metz within two weeks time. This weekend we even went to Metz for some training (first time back in C2) and we were very pleased with the result.

Training went well so we still believe in a qualification for the european championships in Vienna.
After the competition in Metz we will drive through to Pau for a training-camp and of course some class V awesomeness. During this two weeks we will capture as many footage as possible to release a 'Jah' whitewater video!

We will keep you up to date of our results in Metz and in the meantime you can follow our Facebook page with more news and images....


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