maandag 1 juli 2013

The Alps pt. 1

Living in the Alps for a week now! Finally got the chance to take a shower and sit down to write something down. We don't know where to start anymore so we will tell our stories at random... Or maybe... let's try to do it chronologically (nice memory test).

Our first stop was the 'Pitzbach' in Austria, a nice steep class V river with not to many eddies to stop and scout. The rain of the past few days made it a nice level to paddle... So lots of fun!

Next on the menu was the worldcup in Augsburg. Unfortunately not for participating but for cheering for Mathieu Doby and Ingo Kriesinger, our fellow Belgian team paddlers. We also had the chance to test some new boat models. Only one thing to say... Phoenix II from Vajda does a pretty good job!!

It was really nice to meet up again with some 'old colleagues'. Beeing in the circuit again felt really nice and brought back the good memories, that's why we made ourselves the promise to be back on track next year!

After Augsburg we went back to the Alps, Italy this time! We found a really nice waterfall from about 10 meters on the internet and decided to go and style it. Arriving in the middle of the night we couldn't see a thing so we went to sleep and woke up with an amazing view of the mountains. After a good walk through the woods we found these epic falls.

First a small drop of 3m, only a few meters after this the big one. 10 meters of free fall to land in a nice little pool, to end a small beautiful 5 meter drop.

Monday we went to the Ötz. We had our breakfast on the 'Wellerbrücke' were the Adidas Sickline has taken place since many years. The waterlevel was really high so we decided not to run it. Instead we had a nice run on the middle Ötz.

Ok but McDonalds is closing now so no more free wifi. Off to 'Der Schweiz'!!

See yah ;)

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