vrijdag 21 december 2012

End of the world

It’s that time of the year again, examination period.. 6 weeks off complete isolation. Obliged to study 8-10 hours a day, paddling becomes pretty impossible. Sitting more hours after a desk then in our boat we will be suffering from paranoia. All the upcoming tweets or blogposts will therefor be irrational, dumb or absent.
Luckily we have 2 things that do help us through: a laptop and Internet that provides us with tons of kayak videos! These videos let us dream away and guide us through the harshest time of life! Also they save us from insanity.
Of course we still are kayakers, sow when there is water we will try everything to get our ass in our boat! Unfortunately for our study efficiency our exam-period falls together with the period Belgian rivers are high on water.
As you can see this is not only a period of extreme isolation, but also a period of hard choices. We certainly hope we find a perfect balance sow we don’t find ourselves ending up with mad parents (if school failed) or in a madhouse (no kayak = we go crazy).
And ow, earlier on I said all tweets or blogposts will be irrational, dumb or absent. But of course there’s a fourth possibility: we share all (or some off) the kayak videos witch helped saving our lives providing you guys a library of worlds best kayak videos, movies, episodes and more!

Kick-off: some history, The Ottawa River!

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